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6 Weeks to Reading and Spelling Success

Help your struggling student become a confident reader and strategic speller by learning to see and hear patterns in words.

Simple, Proven Methods

Fun & Engaging Lessons

Print & Go Lesson Plans

An easy-to teach, effective literacy intervention program for elementary aged children

Word Work Boot Camp covers the most important foundational skills children need to become fluent readers and strategic spellers.

Teaching frustrated and defeated students is hard.

Whether in the classroom or at home, helping a struggling reader is challenging. As a teacher, it’s hard to find adequate time and effective resources to meet the needs of each student. As a parent, you feel like you don’t have the skills or resources to help your child. Feeling confident and successful as a reader and writer seems like a far-reaching goal for your child or student. It all feels overwhelming and stressful.

Word Work Boot Camp turns on the lightbulb for struggling readers and writers

Engaging video lessons, fun games, and meaningful practice develop fluent readers and strategic spellers more quickly and easily than you ever imagined – only six weeks!

Simple, proven methods

Our brain naturally seeks patterns. Teaching students to chop words into pieces by recognizing phonics patterns and also training their ears to hear those same patterns helps students wrap their arms around the purpose of learning phonics and how to use what they know to become confident readers and strategic spellers.

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Fun and engaging lessons

No boring worksheets and endless repetition here! WordWork Bootcamp uses games and interactive exercises to reinforce the concepts and techniques taught in kid friendly videos. Partner games and collaborative activities provide students with opportunities to learn and grow with peers or parents.

Done-for-you lesson plans

Individual, step-by-step plans guide you through every lesson with your student. Everything you need is included – assessments, rubrics, printable, activities, charts, and helpful tips for success. You can choose to teach the lessons on your own or have Brynn teach them for you using the videos provided.

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Parents and teachers will receive:

  • Pre- and post- assessments to set baselines and measure learning
  • Rubric for reading and spelling to gauge proficiency and progress
  • 40 short and engaging video lessons for kids taught by Brynn – the next best thing to having a literacy coach right there with you
  • Step-by-step lesson plans both parents and teachers can use
  • Printable sorts, activities, and games to reinforce learning
  • Colorful printable wall charts for easy student reference

Students will learn:

Seeing and hearing patterns. Learn to see and hear patterns in words to master the six syllable patterns that make up most English words: open and closed vowel patterns, magic E, regular and irregular vowel teams, bossy R, and the C+le pattern.

Rule Breakers. Learn tips and tricks for memorizing tricky words that don’t follow the rules

Chopping rules. Learn how to chop big words into smaller pieces for decoding. Learn how to use what we hear and what we know to spell each syllable accurately.

Tricky spelling patterns. Learn the secret of silent letters and other tricky spelling patterns that confuse young readers

Suffix rules. Learn what to do with tricky word endings when adding a suffix. For example: sad/sadder/sadly, amaze/amazing, or hurry/hurried/hurrying.

Prefixes, suffixes, and roots (Morphology). Learn how these word parts work together to create distinct meaning in words.

Interested in seeing what Word Work Boot Camp looks like?

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“I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. I learned a lot and am walking away from your training better equipped to meet the needs of my students now and in years to come.”

-Roshni, teacher

“Brynn revolutionized my daughter’s reading. She was completely stalled at the end of second grade. She needed a strategy. Brynn taught her the rules that she needed to decode and made it fun too. Now she’s one of the strongest readers in her class. She loves to read and is confident with her ability to tackle big words.”

-Alexandra G., parent

Membership Plans

Instant Membership Access Coaching Package Coaching Cycle Package
$297$547Starts at $1547
Get instant access to all of the videos, lesson plans, and resourcesInstant Membership Access

Three 30-minute individual coaching sessions with Brynn
Instant Membership Access

Team or individual coaching sessions
compete coaching cycle with Brynn

Support reaching your individualized goal (Note: Includes one membership access)

Reading success is just a few steps away

1. Enroll

Click the ‘Enroll Now’ link below to get instant access to the WordWork Boot Camp Membership Site that includes everything you will need to get started today! Choose a Membership Plan that includes the level of coaching support you desire to reach your student’s goal.

2. Dive in

Each package begins with an introductory video and self-serve lessons to get you going. Meet Brynn, get organized, complete initial assessments, and begin the journey of learning and growth with your students or child!

3. Celebrate success!

You and your child or student will experience lightbulb moments throughout the WordWork Boot Camp journey. Feeling like a confident reader and strategic speller is worth celebrating often!

Download our Free Resource:

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Help your elementary-aged reader learn to recognize important phonics patterns for reading and spelling.